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The difference between density board and solid wood composite board

Source:IVY Date:2020-03-04 13:40:00

1. Different materials and production

Density fiberboard (MDF) is a board made from wood fibers or other plant fibers and made by applying synthetic resin under heat and pressure.

Solid wood composite board is divided into multi-layer solid wood composite board and three-layer solid wood composite board.

Traditional hardwood flooring is made from a single piece of wood.

Real wood compound board, divide the floor into many lumber layer, the lumber of this many lumber layer is different, surface layer is the lumber that sells lumber name more, the other lumber that USES high hardness more below. Such as pine, willow.

2. Different USES

Solid wood panels are suitable for flooring for geothermal heating. Solid wood composite board because of the multi-layer structure, so to ease the expansion of the geothermal force on the wood, equivalent to the buffer effect.

Density board is mainly used for aggrandizement wood floor, door board, partition wall, furniture, etc. What do furniture USES commonly is medium density board, because density of high density board is too tall, very easy craze, do not have a way to do furniture so.

General high density board is used to do indoor and outdoor decoration, office and civil furniture, acoustics, vehicle interior decoration, also can be used for computer room antistatic floor, dado, security door, wall board, clapboard and other production materials. It is also a good material for packaging. The future is used as the base material for making laminate wood floor.

3. Different characteristics

The surface of density board is smooth and smooth, the material is fine and compact, the performance is stable, the edge is firm, and the adornment sex of board surface is good. But the density board has poor moisture resistance. And by contrast, the density board nail grip force is worse than particle board, screw screw if loose, in the same position is difficult to fix.

Solid wood composite board is generally composed of four layers of composite materials: the bottom layer, substrate layer, decorative layer and wear - resistant layer. The revolution of wear-resisting layer among them decided the life of compound floor board.

1) bottom layer: made of polyester material, which is moisture-proof.

2) base: generally made of density board. The density of apparent density board is different from that of low density board, medium density board and high density board. Base material layer is the main body part of aggrandizement compound wood floor, most aggrandizement wood floor is to use density board to regard as base material, have the advantage that does not have a lot of original lumber place for density board.

3) decorative layer: the special paper printed with a specific pattern (imitates the real texture mainly) is soaked in the tri-polyhydroammonia solution, and after chemical treatment, the chemical property is stable after heating reaction with tri-polyhydroammonia, and no chemical reaction occurs, making the paper a beautiful and durable decorative layer.

4) wear resistant layer: it is on the surface layer of aggrandizement floor even press the wear resistant agent that a layer of 3 oxidation 2 aluminous composition. The content of aluminium trioxide and the thickness of the film determine the number of revolutions of wear resistance.

Each square metre contains 3 oxidation 2 aluminium to be about 30 grams wear-resisting layer revolution is about 4000 revolution, the wear-resisting revolution that content is 38 grams is about 5000 revolution, the wear-resisting revolution that content is 44 grams should be in 9000 revolution or so, content and film degree is bigger, revolution is higher, also more wear-resisting.