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What's the difference between a density plate and a real one

Source:IVY Date:2020-03-04 13:36:56

Solid board:

As the name implies, solid board is the wood that USES complete lumber to make plank. These plank is firm and durable, grain is natural, it is the choice in decorating medium excellent medium. But because this kind of plank cost is high, and construction craft asks tall, use in decorating instead not much. Real board is classified according to board material name commonly, do not have unified standard specification.

Density board:

Also known as fiberboard, wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw materials, the application of urea formaldehyde resin or other adhesives made of artificial board. According to the different density, divided into high density plate, medium density plate, low density plate. Density board because of quality soft shock resistance, also easy to reprocess, is a good material to make furniture in foreign countries, but because the national standard of high density board is several times lower than the international standard, so, the quality of the use of density board in China still needs to be improved.

Compare from price, the price of real wood is higher, density board is relatively cheap; From the environmental comparison, wood is more environmentally friendly, less formaldehyde and other decoration pollutants;