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What are the advantages and disadvantages of plywood?

Source:IVY Date:2020-03-04 11:28:12

Artificial wood replaced the original solid wood and became the main material for furniture. There are many kinds of artificial plates, each with its own unique advantages. We can say they overcame the defect of real wood, it is to decorate the main in construction to use material at present, but what make consumer confused often also is this kind of plank. Accordingly, every half decorates person to want to be opposite above all common name of all sorts of plank and scientific name and the effect in family decorate, advantage and disadvantage, price to wait to spend some time to make clear first, such ability is in when buying material according to decorate need to choose carefully, close good quality.

Plywood plywood or thin core board plywood commonly known as plywood or thin core board, is the earliest is also currently used in this industry more than a kind of wood. Generally by three or more layers of a millimeter thick veneer or thin plate adhesive hot pressing, we used to say three plywood is made of three layers of veneer pressing. Plywood is usually distinguished by its thickness specification. Generally divided into 3 cm board, 5 cm board, 9 cm board, 12 cm board, 15 cm board and 18 cm board six specifications (1 cm is 1 mm). Advantages: high strength, good bending resistance. In some parts of the structure that need to bear the load, the use of a thin core plate will have more strength. Disadvantages: poor stability, this is due to the core material consistency differences. This may increase the deformation of the core plate. So, thin core board is not suitable for the place of one side sex, wait for example cabinet door.