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The difference between plywood and wood board

Source:IVY Date:2020-03-04 11:00:09

1. Joinery board. A joinery board is a solid board consisting of a core board and a surface board. The core board of fine work board is joined together with plank and become, choose the same tree species commonly or the tree species with similar property. The moisture content of the core board of joinery board is controlled in 6 ~ 12%, the width of core strip is not more than three times of thickness, not allowed to have larger cracks, holes. The table board of fine work board has two, quality is better call face plate, the other side is back board. The board can be sanded on one side, on both sides, or on both sides. Under special circumstances, the watch board of the fine wood board allows for proper repair. The craft of fine wood board makes full use of the scrap in the wood processing, which is a kind of large width, moderate thickness and even structure.

The surface of the joinery board shall be smooth, without warping, deformation, bubbling or depression; The core strip is arranged evenly and orderly, with small gap, and the core strip is free from decay, fracture, wormhole and knot. Some joinery board cut corners, the gap of the real wood is big, if play a nail in the gap, then there is no nail force.

Consumers can choose to look at the sun, the gap in the real wood will be white. If the gluing strength of joinery board is not good, weigh in hand its one corner can have "squeak" glue sound. If the large core board sends out the fragrant wood odor, the formaldehyde release quantity is less; If the smell is pungent, it means that the amount of formaldehyde released is more (natural logs also contain trace amounts of aldehydes in the natural state).

Joinery board quality difference is very big, want to check carefully when choose and buy. First of all, whether the core material is dense, there is no obvious seam and decayed metamorphic wood, there is no obvious seam and decayed metamorphic wood, decayed wood may exist in the eggs, later prone to moth; See again the phenomenon that there is no filling glue around, filling putty, this kind of phenomenon is to make up the crack inside commonly or hollow; Next is to hit the surface of the plate with a pipe-nosed appliance, to hear if there is a big difference in the sound, if there is a change in the sound, there is a hole in the plate. These phenomena will make the overall bearing force of the plate weakened, long-term uneven force will make the plate structure distortion, deformation, affect the appearance and use effect.

2. Multi-layer board. Laminated boards are sometimes referred to as plywood. They are similar to fine wood boards in terms of manufacturing methods and material selection. Both laminated boards and fine wood boards are composed of several layers of boards. The structure strength of the multilayer board is good, the stability is good, mainly USES for the decorative panel's bottom plate, the board type furniture's back plate and so on woodwork manufacture.