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The difference between density board and solid wood composite board2020-03-04

1. Different materials and productionDensity fiberboard (MDF) is a board made from wood fibers or other plant fibers and made by applying synthetic resin under heat and pressure.Solid wood composite board is divided into multi-layer solid wood composite b

What's the difference between a density plate and a real one2020-03-04

Solid board:As the name implies, solid board is the wood that USES complete lumber to make plank. These plank is firm and durable, grain is natural, it is the choice in decorating medium excellent medium. But because this kind of plank cost is high, and c

The advantages of density plates2020-03-04

1. The density board is easy to finish. All kinds of coatings, paint can be evenly painted on the density board, is the first choice for paint effect.2. density board is a beautiful decorative board.3. all kinds of wood, printing paper, PVC, adhesive pape

What are the advantages and disadvantages of plywood?2020-03-04

Artificial wood replaced the original solid wood and became the main material for furniture. There are many kinds of artificial plates, each with its own unique advantages. We can say they overcame the defect of real wood, it is to decorate the main in co

The difference between plywood and wood board2020-03-04

1. Joinery board. A joinery board is a solid board consisting of a core board and a surface board. The core board of fine work board is joined together with plank and become, choose the same tree species commonly or the tree species with similar property.

Timber Industry offering a broad range of premium quality products2020-02-24

LINYI IVY International Trading co., ltd is one of the leaders in the Timber Industry offering a broad range of premium quality products, including commercial plywood, hardwood plywood, softwood plywood, hardwood fancy plywood, film faced plywood, MDF, pa